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Nicolas Vahé - Holzkörbchen Korb-Set geflochten | 2x Holzkörbe Obst Brot & Backwaren

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Geflochtenes Korb Set - Runde Körbe für Brot & Obst In der Küche kann man nie genügend... mehr

Geflochtenes Korb Set - Runde Körbe für Brot & Obst

In der Küche kann man nie genügend Körbe haben! Ganz gleich, ob Sie sie für die Aufbewahrung von Obst, Brot oder Geschirrtüchern verwenden – Körbe dienen als dekorativer Blickfang in Ihrem Zuhause. Nicolas Vahé präsentiert diese wunderschönen Körbe aus einem besonderen Naturmaterial: Seegras. Die Körbe namens Bread sind als Set aus zwei Größen erhältlich. Es handelt sich um ein von Hand gertigetes Set, die Grössen können daher leicht variieren.
You can never have too many baskets in the kitchen! Whether you use them as storage solutions for fruit, bread or textiles they are a decorative item in any home. That is why Nicolas Vahé has made this set of 2 seagrass baskets called Bread. With two different sizes, you get more variety and possibilities when it comes to decorating your kitchen and making it functional.
Material / Farbe:
Seetang / Braun
Durchmesser / Höhe:
Ø 18 & 22 / 6 & 9 cm
Nicolas Vahé - Get to know us better
We believe that it should be easy to eat great, tasteful, and healthy food every single day. It is a mis- sion of ours to develop and keep developing delicious products made on behalf of our strong believe in and preference for raw ingredients and food of the highest quality.
At Nicolas Vahe?, we live to surprise and to challenge the ordinary. We create astonishing tast experi- ences and combine products in ways you have never seen before. A Nicolas Vahe? product will give you a experience beyond the ordinary – in regards to ingredients, packaging and taste combinations. Only when everything plays together perfectly will the experience take you new places. All our products tell a story, create an very special Nicolas Vahe? atmosphere and make perfect sense in daily cooking routines. What is your story going to look like. How will it taste.
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